Hello bloggers!

Hello bloggers! Let me introduce myself, I’m Kaila. I’m 9 months pregnant and I wanted to start this blog to share all the amazing mommy moments during my pregnancy  and all the cool stuff that’s about to happen! 

Being pregnant these last nine months have not been as glamourous and exciting as I thought. To be honest, being pregnant is HARD. It’s gross, tiring, full of surprises and stretch marks. But when you think about what’s growing inside of you, you can’t help but love the monster that makes you throw up for three months straight. It’s been an incredible journey and as I’m counting down the days till little Leo makes his appearance in this world, I know I already love him more then anything else I’ve ever loved before. 

I want to start by giving some simple advice for your new pregnancy that I have learned along the way so far: 

1. SLEEP. As a working mama up until a day ago, I was exhausted throughout the whole 9 months. You have a baby growing inside of you and it takes your body a lot of work to keep him safe. If you weren’t a nap taker before become one. Take these next months to indulge in as much sleep as possible while you can still sleep. And invest in a pregnancy pillow. I did not and will for sure buy one for my next pregnancy. 

2. Don’t stress. Having a baby is a scary thing. You have a lot to do before this baby comes but I promise you will get it all done. Newborn babies are pretty simple creatures so if you don’t have all the things that you think you need. It’s okay. You will learn as you go. 

3. You will throw up or feel nauseous sometime during this pregnancy. This was my biggest issue. I hate feeling sick to my stomach and for a good two months if I wasn’t throwing up, I was sick to my tummy. I tried every home remedy I could find on the web and nothing worked. I wanted to avoid  getting a prescription from my doctor for anti nausea medication because I hate taking medicine (that is an option so if you don’t mind taking it, then do it!). My advice is remember it won’t last the whole time and eat whatever you can manage. I had cravings for Taco Bell (I didn’t usually eat fast food) but sometimes that was the only thing I could keep down. Don’t worry about what you eat at first. You can always eat like you want after this phase. Just make your tummy happy. And at exactly 15 weeks, my sickness turned off like a light switch! So good luck ladies 🙂 

4. Stay away from the internet. There are a lot of moms out there and a lot of different opinions. I tried joining this mom app, where you can post questions, etc. the moms eventually got very mean and caddy and I had to delete it! I read the baby books that I wanted too, and would read blogs from parents that were open to any kind of parenting. I had ideas of how I wanted to raise baby Leo long before I got pregnant and that’s the information that I read and learned about. 

5. The 35th week and after sucks. My second and early third trimester were as good as they could have been. I had a hard time sleeping but nothing that compares to the very end. Also I had a summer pregnancy in AZ! There weren’t enough fans or air conditioner to keep me cooled off. My advice is keep your feet up, drink a ton of water (even though you will have to pee all that water out) and just wait for baby. It’s almost over! 

Hope some of this advice helps! 


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