Okay, so what the h*** is up with all the do’s and dont’s about breastfeeding? I feel like everyday I see someone in social media criticizing women about sharing their breastfeeding moments and/or beliefs . Well here is what I don’t understand… When did breastfeeding become something out of the normal?

It’s not like women havent been breastfeeding for oh lets see…  FOREVER.

And now all over the place people are talking about how women who breastfeed need to keep it a private moment between baby and mom. I understand where it’s not okay to just whip out your whole boob in the middle of a restaurant and not expect people to feel a tad bit uncomfortable. But I don’t really seem how sharing a picture of your baby feeding is so wrong. I mean honestly the baby is covering most of your boob. Kim Kardashian shows more boob in every instagram picture.

So if breastfeeding is what is best for most babies and what every doctor tries to push on new mothers, then why does society make it so hard for women to breastfeed in public, or at work?

It wasn’t untill I was pregnant with Leo that any of these opinions (good or bad) about breastfeeding really made any sense to me. I always figured I would breastfeed, it just seemed like the right thing to do. The natural thing to do. But beside that I never really put that much thought into it. I knew that there were momma’s out there that either chose not too or simply were not able to breastfeed. And that was always okay with me. Because it was their business and their choice.

Now I am a new mother and I am breastfeeding and I love it. I now understand why women would want to post a picture on instagram or share with the world a small insight about how amazing that bond is with their new baby. Because it is, breastfeeding is such an amazing thing and there are times that I want to share with the world how much love I feel for my little one when I look down at him feeding.  As a society, we all need to realize how horrible we can be to each other. If women can go out to the clubs half-naked, wear nothing but panties and pasties to a music festival and not get backlash because of it, then women should be able to breastfeed in public and post on social media without all the haters. Life is beautiful, all aspects of life and people shouldn’t judge each other when their doing such an amazing thing. Stop the hate.

One more thing, for all you breastfeeding mama’s, don’t judge those mama’s who don’t. You don’t know their story, just like they don’t know yours!


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